The Warrior’s Agenda


We  approach Spiritual Warfare from an effective point of view. We are not here to train you to be useful. We are here to train you under the Anointing of God, to be Effective. Whether you realize it or not, whether you like it or not, whether you understand it or not. You are currently engaged in Warfare. A war that has existed before the beginning of time.

You’ve felt it, you’ve sensed it. And if you are a Christian, a Born-again Christian, you’ve known it since Sunday School.  There is no escaping this war.  And God Himself has provided to us and for us everything we need to win and overcome. Indeed, we have won because of the Lord Jesus Christ. But we still have a mop up campaign to conclude (see ‘Special Forces’ on this website).

 We are not here just to increase the amount of head knowledge of the Word of God that you already have. Some dear people feel that the more knowledge they have, the more effective  they are as a Christian. 

No. Not true.

It is not the amount of knowledge that you have that counts. It is what you do with the knowledge that you have that counts, and makes you effective...

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